1. Download the firmware file, and unzip it.
  2. Install Driver at “Release_DriverAssitant.zipRelease_DriverAssitantDriverInstall.exe”. The driver would be installed after you click on “Install Driver”.
  3. At “AndroidTool_Release_v2.3” folder click on “AndroidTool”. Now the firmware is ready to be loaded into TV BOX.
  4. Disconnect TV BOX from the power source (unplug it).
  5. Connect TV BOX through OTG port into PC.
  6. Keep pushing the reset button on TV BOX and then connect it to power source. At this time, the software on PC would find the TV BOX.
  7. Click on the “LowerFormat”; then it should show “LowerFormat successfully”.
  8. Click on “Run” button.
  9. The firmware starts uploading into the TV BOX.